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(Methyl Genetic Analysis renamed to: FUNCTIONAL GENOMIC ANALYSISTM)


It's no longer the model of 'take this supplement for that health concern.' This is a new paradigm based on the scientific principles of biochemistry. This consult will guide you through a systematically organized, customized genetic interpretation, lifestyle and dietary suggestion as well as appropriate 'epigenetic' nutritional supplementation to help the body heal naturally and avoid future issues.

Rather than suppress a symptom, MethylGenetic Nutrition AnalysisTM is focused on finding either a ‘nutrient deficiency’ or an excess of a 'molecule that is toxic or harmful to the body.' Poor diet, environmental toxins, and genetic variants cause an increase in these harmful toxic or harmful molecules.

Methyl genetic Nutrition AnalysisTM provides a cutting-edge approach to looking at genetic susceptibilities to developing chronic illness. Supporting your genetic susceptibilities with nutrition is based on current scientific research. I have found that looking at an individual’s genetic susceptibilities can provide the 'aha moment' in discovering a missing piece to lifelong health problems. Variants in DNA can impact your ability to make and use different nutrients critical for reducing inflammation, supporting healthy circulation, promoting a strong immunity, supporting emotional health, and proper removal of the toxins we are exposed to, as well as slowing the aging process.

Methyl GeneticsTM is a very in-depth study of your genetics. By referencing the 'Pyramid' we will be able to assess, analyze, and design targeted nutrition and support on an individualized basis. We review many of the following topics with our 'Pyramid Model.' You will get a copy of the 'Pyramid' and see what is most important to address first! These topics include the following:


-Hydrogen Peroxide Clearing



-mTOR and Autophagy

-NRF2 and KEAP1

-Glutathione and NADPH

-Glutatmate Balance

-Gluten, Dairy and Peanuts

-Histamine and Mast Cells

-Zonulin and Oxalates

-Probiotic Weakness

-Detox Support

-Digestion of Fats and Carbs

-Methionine Cycle, SAMe and Homocysteine

-Transsulfuration, Sulfites and Sulfates

-Ammonia and Urea Cycle

-Electrical Sensitivity

-Environmental Toxins

-NOS and Circulation Support

-BH4 Support

-Neurotransmitter Support

-Good Fats

-SAMe Support

-Vitamin A and D

-mTOR and Autophagy


-SHBG and Hormones

-Methylation Preparation and Co-factors

• Customized Supplement Report

• Plus, a 2 hour ZOOM or in person consult

This consult requires that you have your raw genetic data from either 23 and MeTM or our new Genomic Resource DNA KitTM. If you do not have the raw genetic data, I adamantly suggest our new 'Genomic Resource DNA Kit' compared to 23 and Me, which is extremely lacking since it was revised in August of 2017. Genetic tests are a simple saliva test. We will send you the saliva test kit and you will send it back to the enclosed address. Your raw genetic data never changes and you will be able to access your genetic data via a private portal. The current price is $330, and it's $1,000's of dollars of fun to learn about your genetics! Be aware, this process can take sometimes takes 4-6 weeks to complete. It depends on how many people are in line before you! So, do it as soon as you can!

This Functional Genomic AnalysisTM report is your own unique DNA that you inherited from your parents. It's called a 'genetic variant report.' This is not a medical test, nor does it test for disease. This report includes a few genes that are associated with disease. See the Comprehensive Nutrigenomic Consult for more detailed information associated health conditions and diseases.

The Functional GenomicTM report is designed to help you discover where your body may be lacking the production of antioxidants, and other nutrients and molecules needed for health. This report focuses only on the DNA that makes antioxidants, which neutralize the harmful free radicals and other important nutrients like folate, B12, SAMe, choline and enzymes that help the body rebuild and restore itself and enzymes that help you handle gluten and breakdown histamine. It also reports on genes that help create and breakdown neurotransmitters that may impact mood. It's important to know, just because you have these variants, doesn't mean they are being what is called, 'expressed' or having an impact on you. If they are expressing, we need to find out why and calm them down.

Nutritional DNA testing is related to using your DNA information to determine how you can supplement and compensate for nutritional deficiencies that are a result of your inherited DNA. Your DNA makes the enzymes (SNPs) in the corresponding pathways. When these pathways are clogged, inflammation and chronic disease prevail. We can compensate for these nutritional deficiencies we inherited with supplement and dietary modifications and by looking ahead and practicing prevention. It's really all about epigenetics!

If you have a chronic illness, Lyme Disease, or an acquired environmental condition, you will find this analysis profoundly eye opening. I participated in a Lyme Study with Functional Genomic Analysis and SupplementationTM. The data collected indicated that specific genetic variants are common in those with Lyme Disease and/or chronic illness! We examined over 350+ genes that are involved with mitochondria function, methylation, neurotransmitter production, antioxidant production and patterns what may result in excess production of oxidative stress, including superoxide, glutamate, histamine, ammonia and peroxynitrite. The results were fascinating and give us the knowledge necessary to help those suffering from illnesses due to these genetic variant patterns.  

This is a 2 hour consultation takes 4 hours to prepare. You will receive a 68+ page client report in PDF format for your reference. This analysis combines your own 23 and Me raw genetic data or our new Genomic DNA KitTM, and your symptomatology. That's it! You send me your raw genetic data and we are ready to go! If available, please include your labs (organic acids, neurotransmitters, hormones, blood tests, etc) to help me ascertain what may be going on with you.

This consult will guide you through a systematically organized, customized genetic interpretation, lifestyle and dietary suggestion as well as appropriate 'epigenetic' nutritional supplementation to help the body heal naturally and avoid future issues.

For more information please review the videos at the following links:

'MethylGenetic' Introductory Video

Variants that Impact GUT Health and Digestion

Wouldn't it have been a good idea to know which genetic variants you have (at an early age) in order to optimize your health through out your life and prevent many of today's health maladies and auto immune issues! You bet it would! You will see how your specific gut-related SNPs and their pathway functionalities might be compromised. Many people have the gluten, peanut allergy, lactose intolerant, or non-secretor status SNPs that are making food and nutrient absorption less efficient. We are looking at genetic groups and patterns; inclusive of your lab tests, your symptoms and your 23 and Me raw genetic data. We upload all this information and then you will receive the reports mentioned above. We determine what 'nutritional deficiencies' and/or what 'toxicities' may be harming your body. We will suggest specific supplements that will help you feel better. This way you are targeting the areas where you need the most help and not taking supplements that you don't need. Your supplement and nutritional plan is specifically customized to your body. During your consult, you will learn which supplements will support you and which may be compromising your health. You'll learn what nutritional and lifestyle changes to make in order to optimize your well being!


'I have Lyme Disease and have learned from my Functional GenomicTM studies that those of us with chronic illnesses such as Lyme and/or auto-immune diseases, are so very compromised; genetically, speaking. In my experience with clients, I have noticed we all have similar genetic variant patterns whereby our biochemical pathways are clogged and are not functioning at their optimum capacity. Something is going on either upstream or downstream.  Hence, we are creating damaging free radicals like ammonia, sulfites/sulfates, zonulin, histamine, excess glutamate, NOS uncoupling and thus peroxynitrites, and much more. This makes us feel worse. We have a constant cascade of cytokines which create inflammation.

95% of all Lyme patients have NOS uncoupling, which leads to depleting our glutathione, suppressing our immune system, and basically allowing Lyme to have it's way with us! We need help clearing these pathways and improving our health. That's why genetic interpretation, lifestyle and dietary choices, as well as appropriate nutritional supplementation to help the body heal naturally, are so very important to me.' (See information on my article Lyme and Genetics.)

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