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HiTech Air Solutions up to 15% Off

HiTech Air Solutions was created to provide a line of products to help alleviate the rising problem of 'indoor air quality' and to help so many that are ill, to have a more healthy life! There are millions of people affected by the toxins in the indoor air we breathe.

I purchased and used the Model #101 and in 6-8 weeks felt remarkably better and my symptoms were alleviated! My bloody nose, headaches, sinus congestion and extreme fatigue.....gone!

HiTech Air Solutions, LLC, is a relatively new company, however, with extensive research over the past 5-7 years, have developed, tested and made available:

  • a proprietary Technosite formula reactor pads technology that reduce bacteria and virus cells up to 99.7% decomposes BACTERIA, FUNGI, VIRUS, or MOLD on the spot

  • the proprietary reactor pads and UV-C3 germicidal lamps produce the most advanced environmental technology in resolving health problems caused by SUCH human damaging substances as allergens, bacteria, all viruses, superbugs, formaldehyde and it even kills MRSA!

  • use it in your home, classroom, office, garage, business, church, etc.

HiTech Air Solutions Technology:

  • the photocatalyst creates hydroxyl radicals (OH) and a super oxide anion (02-1) and this accelerates the reaction...

  • which allows the oxidation of VOC's and toxic organic matter to convert into carbon dioxide (C02) and water

  • the newly liberated airborne 'hydroxyl radicals' can rupture and destroy the cellular material of any germs it encounters

  • thus, oxidation takes place when UV light and photocatalyst react

  • it's easier, less expensive and sensible to replace reactor pads in the filter rack than coils in the HVAC unit! this solution is commercial grade and utilizes NASA technology

HiTech Air Solutions is offering a 10% discount in the month of to be announced; changes regularly. I am personally extending the offer another 5% discount! Why? Because I believe in HiTech and I know it works!

Learn More about HiTech by watching their videos:

Toxic Mold Signs and Symptoms:

  • coughing, wheezing

  • red itchy and watery eyes

  • rashes

  • runny or bloody nose

  • headaches

  • difficulty breathing

  • sinus inflammation

  • fatigue or lethargy

  • sleeping problems

'Long Term' Toxic Mold Signs and Symptoms:

  • poor memory and confusion

  • tingling numbness in hands and feet

  • metallic taste in your mouth

  • appetite swings and weight gain

  • Increased thirst

  • abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea

  • muscle cramps

  • joint pain

  • hair loss

  • impotence

  • anxiety and depression

  • lightheadedness

  • difficulty concentrating

  • tics, spasms, and seizure-like events

Here's the scoop:

The HiTech Model #101 is regularly $1,995.00

At 10% off, you save $199.50 and pay $1,795.50

At 15% off, you save $299.25 and pay $1,695.75

(plus $50 shipping)

This SALE PRICE is available until the sale ends!

HOWEVER, several used systems are available!

$$$ Money Back Guarantee $$$

HiTech is offering a money back guarantee. Why? Because they know it works! As long as you conduct a BEFORE and AFTER mold toxin test of the designated area in your home where you have installed the HiTech Air Solution system, and you are not seeing a reduction of toxins, HiTech will refund your money. That's how much they believe in their proven HiTech Air Solutions!

Call me to find out more about this fantastic offer! (949) 644-6572

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