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'I have Lyme Disease and have learned from my Functional Genomic AnalysisTM  studies that those of us with chronic illnesses such as Lyme and/or autoimmune diseases, are so very compromised---especially genetically. In my experience with clients, I have noticed we all have similar genetic variant patterns whereby our biochemical pathways are backed up and are not functioning at their optimum capacity. Hence, we are creating damaging free radicals like ammonia, siper oxide, sulfites/sulfates, hydroxyl radicals, peroxynitrites, zonulin, histamine (Mast Cell Activation), excess glutamate and much more. This makes us feel worse. We have a constant cascade of cytokines which create inflammation. This damages our mitochondria. Hydroxyl Radicals disseminate mitochondria! 95% of all Lyme patients have NOS uncoupling, which leads to depleting our glutathione, suppressing our immune system, and basically allowing Lyme to have it's way with us! We need help supporting these biochemical pathways and improving our immune system and our overall health.

That's why 'genetic interpretation, lifestyle and dietary choices, as well as appropriate nutritional supplementation to help the body heal naturally,' are so very important to me.

Healing from Lyme is different for anyone. Two people can be living together while one is healthy and feels fine, the other is extremely ill and plagued by a litany Lyme symptoms, yet they both have the Lyme bacteria. I am sure you have heard the story where one twin is chronically ill and the other is perfectly healthy. That’s where genetics comes into play. Genetics isn't everything, but It's an important piece of the puzzle in terms of getting and feeling better. Learn more with a Functional Genomic AnalysisTM consult to better understand the genetic patterns that may be compromising your Lyme (or chronic illness) recovery. See what genetic patterns and epigenetic influences set us up for a lifetime of cascading chronic illnesses.

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