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F. R. I. E. N. D. S


This includes the multitude of electron-donating organic, live or raw foods. But just as important, is the elimination of the nasty electron stealers. These include trans fatty acids hidden in foods labeled as "no trans fats," packaged in phthalates including those that brag on the label that they contain "no BPA," GMO foods hidden in many multi-ingredient foods that secretly contain corn and soy products (like infant formulas) and also hide higher levels of Round-Up (glyphosate) pesticide, plus brain-damaging mercury hidden in high fructose corn syrup (often labeled as just corn sugar.) And, remember, prolonged chewing is crucial for getting the most electrons out of our foods (see Dr. Roger's books.)


That means you never stop reading, learning and growing, because the world never runs out of new ways to damage your health. You want proven information to morph into your transformation. See my updated Suggested Book and Video List on my website.


You get electrons from hugging people, babies, and pets who have more electrons than you do (and are healthier.) You even get electrons from hugging a tree or the Earth, since you are negatively charge with electrons. You also get electrons from 'earthing;' walking on the earth barefoot! Walk on the beach and soak in all the negative ions!


Anytime you are bearing weight on your bones, moving and exercising your muscles, and even doing the life-saving stretches that you can learn about in Dr. Rogers Total Wellness Newsletter 2013-14, causes a piezo-electric response inside the fascia that covers muscles. This means you are creating a build-up of electrons that follow acupuncture meridians and energize and repair organs that are in that circuit.

N: Nutrients

Just pick any nutrient and any specialist and you will see how you've been cheated. An oncologist can't hope to heal cancer without knowing your level of RBC selenium, RBC zinc, etc. Likewise, your cardiologist can't stop A-fib without knowing your RBC magnesium or DHA levels and more. And does your doc check your quinolinate that shows hidden brain deterioration that is totally correctable? (An OATs test will give us those results: call me and I will send the test kit for an Organic Acids Urine Test to your home.)

D: Devices

There are numerous devices that can donate electrons to the body. In fact you can learn how to apply them to specific acupuncture meridians and to specific organs as well as various painful and non-healing areas. You have incredible power coming. I can name a few; BioMats, Infrared Saunas, PEMF's, Doug coil and Rife-like machines, lasers, etc. More to come in this arena.

S: Sunshine

The sun also donates electrons, which is another reason we have life on the planet, Earth. It is not only makes plants grow (our food) but helps make humans make vitamin D, electrons, and much much more. However, the healing benefits of the sun require nutrients that most folks are deficient in. It's very important to get out in the sunshine everyday with as much skin exposed as possible and no sunscreen or sunglasses! Yes, no sunscreen. It's best to be out in the sunshine before or after the peak hours of 10 am to 2 pm. There is too much exposure during those hours. There is a great deal of controversy over whether to use or not to use sunscreen. Everything I read says that the sunscreen is causing more problems than good! Be sure to do your research. The sun's rays needs to hit your retina and this helps reset your circadian rhythm.

Now, you know what to do!

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