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This consult is similar to Consult #1, the 'Comprehensive Nutrigenomic Consultation' and focuses on your

child's individual health needs in terms of eliminating the toxins and chemicals and adding healthy foods and

supplementation; it's that simple! 



Every child or young adult is different. However, many autistic children have specific genetic patterns that have compromised the optimization of their health; especially in their detoxification pathways.  It's important to analyze their biochemical pathways to see if there are someroad blocks to their health.  And, that's what we do!


I truly believe that 'epigenetics' plays a huge role in any child's health today, whether they are on the spectrum, or not.  What did the child inherit from their parents and/or grandparents?  What happened in the lives of these people?  Inherited genetics can go back four generations, yes four!  (See research below.)

Pregnant woman image from Seeking Health Conference 2016.












Did your child inherit environmental toxins, heavy metals, chemicals (glyphosate, fluoride), Lyme, mold, pathogens, and emotional trauma? Are they eating foods containing excitotoxins; processed or natural, like tomatoes or mushrooms straight from their own garden? We want to know!

Heavy metals like aluminum and mercury along with fluoride and glyphosate really mess up the blood brain barrier (BBB), and makes the child's brain very toxic. If the child is a boy, then testosterone added to that toxic soup makes for a 'perfect storm.'  

Every single mouthful.....affects your gene expression


Your life choices are!

See what happened to these families in the next generation:

Swedish Famine of 1880'sHERE

Dutch Rations during WWII HERE

Leaky Gut...means Leaky Cells...means Leaky Brain!

I like to ensure a healthy GI function and any needed detoxification before we address methylation or other biochemical pathways, so your child's protocol may address GI issues in the early phase. Your GUT microbiome is critically important. Foundational health practices and good nutrition will also be addressed early on. We look at the probability of leaky gut, leaky cells, leaky brain and mitochondrial dysfunction, while we focus on 'cell danger response' (Dr. Naviaux.) When your cell membranes become increasingly healthy, then you will become healthy, and we will then begin the next stage of your recovery.


Autism is more than just a brain disorder; or what we commonly call a neuro-developmental disorder. It's 'multi-factorial.'  Our bio-individualized, deep dive into biochemical pathways is a unique approach and is well suited for the autism community because of the long established co-morbid problems that exist (i.e., digestive issues, food sensitivities, neurological imbalances, immune system, chemical and environmental toxins, heavy metal toxicity, and of course, pathogens like parasites, Lyme, viruses and retroviruses.)


It's an unpopular topic, but it makes a big difference in your child's health!  It's gluten (from wheat) and casein (from dairy.)  These are the two most common food sensitivities for special needs children.  Soy and other foods can also be a problem, also. There are 8 foods that can cause allergic reactions.  They are:  gluten, soy, corn, peanuts, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, and eggs, and sometimes more.  Thus, a gluten and dairy free diet (GFDF) has been used for many years with success.  Yes, it can be a pain in the neck, sometimes, but in actuality, it's best for everyone in the family!  Everyone will feel better!


Enough children (at least 65%-70%) on the autism-spectrum show improvement, as referenced from statistics from the Autism Research Institute, with respect to cognitive changes (better attention, ability to focus, language improvement) and physical health (better digestive function, less illnesses such as colds and ear infections) that I feel gluten, casein, and even soy-free diet is worthwhile.  Actually, I suggest all my clients be aware and reduce the 8-10 allergens in food: CORN, SOY, WHEAT/GLUTEN, DAIRY, SHELLFISH, PEANUTS, and NUTS.  In addition, be aware of lectins, nightshades and oxalates.


The idea that food can have an adverse effect on behaviors in children is nothing new. It has been known for years in the biomedical community that peptides (small fragments of protein) from gluten and casein can affect certain ASD children as to their behavior and overall cognitive function.  These food proteins can also have an adverse effect on immune function as well. Also, food coloring and dyes (based on the concept of phenol sensitivity) and certain substances such as oxalates and salicylates all can contribute to adverse  behaviors such as aggression, hyperactivity, lack of focus and more.  I recommend dietary intervention as a great place to start!


Those of you who have already implemented these dietary changes; well, you are 'one step ahead' and you and your family are ready to go!  Consultation #1 is where we start!  Read up on consult #1, #2, and #3 because I use all those tools during my investigation of your child's biochemical pathways and his/her bio-individualized plan.


But wait, there's more!  In the 1980's we looked at mercury as a causation factor for Autism.  In the 1990's we looked a little deeper, at the herpes virus.  In 2000, 90-100% of Autistic children had Lyme!  Now, starting in 2018 to today, we are looking at retroviruses!  It is believed that 'human retroviruses are the root cause of Autism!'  (PubMed reference.)


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