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The ACAT Gene = Energy + 1st step before methylation

For the body to function properly, fats, carbs and proteins need to be carried into the cell and to be converted into Acetyl-CoA, the first step of the Citric Acid Cycle, for the production of ATP.

If inadequate Acetyl-CoA is made, the individual may experience fatigue. Since ATP is needed for many functions, other parts of the body may suffer as a result of low ATP.  

The ACAT gene is the most important gene for energy as it supports the conversion of proteins into Acetyl-CoA. This should be one of the first genes we support, as it slows down the production of ATP from the Citric Acid Cycle. There are several variants in the ACAT enzyme. If the variant is the ACAT1-02, then support for ACAT is needed. This is the most significant SNP for ACAT. Checking the fatty acid metabolism markers in an Urine Organic Acids test (OATs) may verify how serious a problem the ACAT is creating.

ACAT Combinations:

If you have the ACAT and the SHMT genes, you have a higher tendency for GUT dysbiosis. Thus, we work on the SHMT genes first. It catabolizes and reverses the reaction of serine to tetrahydrofolate and tetrahydrofolate to glycine and glycine to methyl tetrahydrofolate. Therefore, we need to support these genes before methylation is working correctly. To complicate matters a little bit more, when you have the ACAT and the PEMT's together, you have the worst combination, nutritionally. And, if you have the PANK genes along with the ACAT, you probably are constipated most of the time.

Just to complicate things a bit, heavy metals, especially aluminum, will cause the ACAT genes to express and not work correctly. It's so important to chelate your heavy metals. This is something that can take up to a year. There's no silver bullet and no way around it, you just have to detox your heavy metals. A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is very telling.

One more pearl, if you are a man, an up-regulated ACAT can lead to prostrate cancer. Therefore, it's a good idea to make sure all your biochemical pathways and associated enzymes have the nutrients and co-factors they require to work properly.

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The ACAT gene is the most important gene for energy as it supports the conversion of proteins into Acetyl-CoA and is the 1st step for methylation. 

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