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Retroviruses are 8% of our DNA.  Bacteria and fungi do not insert themselves in our DNA, but viruses do.  Viruses have been around a very long time.  They insert a copy of their DNA into our genome by cutting it (like a pair of scissors) and inserting it into us, as the host, and then it's replicated again and again in our body!  In other words, if you have children, it is in their DNA, as well.  If you string all the retroviruses in the human body together, it will reach around the world, 150,000 times!  These retroviruses have affected our methylation and acetylation.  Glyphosate has damaged these molecular pathways.

Animal retroviruses from mice, pig, monkey kidney are a part of our inoculations and medical therapies. We are being exposed to and inoculated with the components pieces and parts of retroviral DNA from many different species promoting the evolution of pathogenetic viruses in our world. Vaccines have been known to carry retroviruses; for reasons that are not life affirmative.  This is not acceptable.  Read more here: Demystified: Human Endogenous Retroviruses.

Now we are seeing an explosion of different diseases like Autism, neurological diseases, autoimmune disease's and cancer. “Could these diseases be related to retroviruses?” Dr. Karlfeldt asks Dr. Judy Mikovits Ph.D. Her early work focused on cancer and HIV, her latest on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism. She has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles.  She has also written a couple of books; the first one being Plague.  I read it.  Read it and make your own decisions.  Recently, she wrote her second book, The Plague of Corruption, I 'm reading it now.  I recommend both.  Listen to a recent interview audio here, page down.

The Retroviruses

In 2011, Judy Mikovits made the discovery that destroyed her career. She found that at least 30% of our vaccines are contaminated with gamma retroviruses (i.e., murine leukemia virus, feline leukemia virus.)  Gamma retroviruses are reverse transcriptase of RNA into DNA.  Not only is this contamination associated with autism and chronic fatigue syndrome but it is also associated with Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s. It was through a contaminated blood supply and contaminated vaccines these retroviruses were introduced into the human population.

I discovered I have the SV-40 retrovirus a few years ago!  It originated from culturing my polio vaccine in monkey kidney tissue (w-h-a-t?)  This virus is similar to HIV.  There is a very complicated, unbelievable back story that I don't have the time or space to discuss now, however, to learn more, start here:  Dr. Mary's Monkey You Tube Videos.  There are many other videos linked to this one.  It's a fascinating journey down a historical rabbit hole about an unsolved murder of Dr. Mary Sherman, a secret New Orlean's lab, JFK assassination, cancer causing monkey viruses linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, emerging global epidemics (sound familiar) and more.  The point is, the SV-40 is causing many cancers in adults today!

So why are we talking about retroviruses now?  Well, EMF's and environmental toxins modulate the expression of retroviruses.  Heavy metals, pesticides (especially glyphosate) lots of toxins and EMF's are crippling the immune system from being able to regulate the retrovirus expression.  We are changing the blueprint of life.  We are promoting the evolution of a pathogenic world!  With cancer being a degenerative disease caused by a lack of vitamins and an increase of toxins and the poisoning from chemical substances present in our food; we are crippling our immune system and it is unable to properly regulate.  Thus, could GMO’s be a contributing factor in the rise of cancer rates?

Dr. Mikovits explains that even GMO foods can be considered retroviruses. They are lab made plant retroviruses. Dr. Karlfeldt clarifies that genetic manipulation (GMO) crosses all barriers, and introduces genes from other types of vegetable species or even bacteria, viruses and animals genes. The majority of genes used in genetic engineering come from living specifies which have never been a part of the human food chain and come from DNA not of plants but animals, bacteria or viruses or transgenic retroviruses.

Dr. Mikovits explains further how these retroviruses are now part of the human DNA and can be passed on to future generations. Sound familiar?  Yes, it can be passed to future generations (even during conception) without us knowing anything about it.

In the meantime, let's figure out how to treat it naturally and keep these retroviruses in our body calm:

1.  EMF's or EMR's (electro-magnetic fields or radiation):  It's not popular, especially with dads, to lower or eliminate the EMF's in the house, especially the child's bedroom.  Turn off the WIFI at night (install a 'kill switch'), add Stetzer or Greenwave filters to block EMF's where there are many digital devices, remove metal headboards or metal lamps, take out mercury laden LEDs, take all digital devices out of the bedroom.  Do not sleep with your phone!  Use special EMF proof curtain fabric, paint the walls with special paint that block EMF's from the neighbors, don't use cordless phones or baby monitors.  You can even set up a Faraday cage over your child's bed.  Better yet, call a 'building biologist' and set up an appointment with a professional who can measure your 'electrical fields, magnetic fields, radio wifi, and dirty electricity.'  There's a great deal to learn, but you WILL feel better as a result.  Reference my book list on my website.  Women who gave birth to an Autistic child had a 20X more EMF exposure than those who did not (per Dr. Klinghardt's decades of clinical experience.)

2.  PATHOGENS: It's best to test and eliminate the largest pathogens first!  We have to get the large worms out first, and then work our way down to smaller creatures!  There are a couple of tests I like to conduct, if applicable; the GI Map and the Organic Acids Test.  I can order both of these tests and have them sent to your home and we can have the results in about 4 weeks.

3- HEAVY METALS, TOXINS, and GLYPHOSATE: Mercury,  aluminum, fluoride, and glyphosate eradication is a must!  They must be removed, slowly.  I like to utilize the Heavy Metals Hair Analysis, Stool Test and Urine Analysis for best results.  The pathogens mentioned above love to use the heavy metals to build 'biofilms' (or fortresses) and to sustain their existence.  Glyphosate damages the microbiome and steals amino acids while chelating minerals from the body.  Fluoride sucks out our melatonin and we have to replenish with liposomal, transdermal or suppository melatoninZeolite and chlorella help with fluoride.  Chlorella vulgaris is best to eliminate aluminum.  We can eliminate heavy metals with safe suppositories and the proper supplementation.  Another excellent therapy is an 'ionic foot bath.'  We can take the fluoride out of the water with a Berkey Filter (scroll down on my 'Favorites' page.)

4- GENETICS- Be sure to have your child's genetics tested to help you understand the underlying molecular pathways that are keeping him or her from detoxifying properly and getting well.  We need to support these pathways with the proper nutrients while pulling out toxins in order to keep these pathways working efficiently.  MTHFR and methylation is  critical to silencing retroviruses and regulating the expression of our metabolic pathways.  Thus, we are crippling our own blueprint of life with these retroviruses. GMO's are actually (plant) retroviruses that are keeping our immune system from being able to modulate.  Scroll down on my 'Services' page: DNA Test Kit

Sidebar:  The MTHFR is a gene that acts like a switch, turning various processes in the body either on or off.  MTHFR or 'Methyl-enetetra-hydro-folate' Reductase takes folate and methylates it into methylfolate.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it is one of the most important functions in the body.  The link between MTHFR and AUTISM could be the most important development in Autism prevention and treatment.  Lately, MTHFR has become a buzzword, tied closely with the neurological disorders like Autism.  The statistics cannot be ignored, 98% of children with Austim, have a MTHFR genetic mutation which exhibits their ability to turn folate into methylfolate efficiently.  Beyond this, between 40-50% of Americans have some sort of MTHFR dysfunction inhibiting the methylation cycle and causing a countless variety of health conditions.

MTHFR and Autism