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'Retention Enemas'...​with something extra

Retention enemas take coffee enemas to the next level. It has been said that coffee enemas eliminate toxins, heavy metals, but may also may also pull out important nutrients. There is a simple remedy for that...put the nutrients back in! Be sure to use the 'organic green coffee' from SA Wilsons. I also think it is easier to clean up if you use a stainless steel bucket as opposed to a rubber container. Be sure to buy an enema kit that comes with a clamp, hook, hose, and rectal and vaginal tips. The hose is strong enough to not kink while in use. Use castor or coconut oil to lubricate the tips for easy application. Enema Kit.

*Note: the incredible benefits of coffee enemas!


1. Buy or​ganic green coffee from

2. Prepare coffee as follows: in a non-aluminum pot or saucepan.

a. empty 4 cups of filtered or distilled water into pan.

b. 3 rounded tablespoons of green organic coffee (finely ground.)

c. Stir the coffee to make sure all is mixed in the water, then bring to a boil and boil for 3 to 5 minutes, stirring        occasionally.

d. Reduce the heat and cover pot or saucepan with lid and let simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.

e. Remove from stove element and let coffee cool down to room temperature.

f. Strain coffee through a fine sieve* to remove as many coffee grounds as possible. Because of the boiling process, some of the water may be evaporated. Add filtered or distilled plain water to bring the coffee up to 4 cups.

g. *Please avoid using a paper or cloth filter to strain your coffee as it removes much more than the of the grounds; much of the prime elements such as Cafestol will be lost using paper or cloth.

3. Pour 2 cups of prepared coffee into mason jar and add:

a. PC (phosphatidylcholine) 1-2 tablespoons

b. Butyrate capsules 2-4

c. E-Lyte 1-2 capfuls

d. Ox Bile (125-250mg) 1-3 capsules

4. Pour contents of mason jar into steel bucket; make sure coffee is room temperature and not too cold or too hot.

5. Apply coconut or castor oil to the tip of the catheter and insert catheter into rectum, open clamp and let contents of the bucket empty. Can slow it down if necessary. You can lay on your back or turn to the right side where your liver is located. You can also massage your abdomen if necessary. If you start cramping, take some deep breaths, if it doesn't resolve, slow or stop flow until it does resolve. Then, restart.

6. Once the entire enema bucket is empty, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as you pull the catheter tubing out. This will ensure that the catheter doesn't leak out. You can lay on your back for a few minutes to allow everything to settle.

7. The idea is to retain the coffee enema. In the beginning, you may not be able to hold it for 20 minutes. Eventually, you should be able to retain it indefinitely.

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